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Al Khaliji Bank

This approach aims to highlight the excellent service that this bank provides for the customers, anywhere they are. 

While usually customers go to their branches, alkhaliji, with offices in three countries, offers the service of coming to the customers instead, anyday anytime.

Anywhere you are, so are we.

Al Marri & El Hage

Trust is essential in any relationship, whether personal or in business.

As such, trust is a represented in this direction by the two vertical pillars; a universal symbol that also signifies stability. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans also symbolized their legal institutions with pillars.

The two lines in the middle are a symbol of unity that is akin to a handshake.


For the Cannes Lions CEO Academy.

The Dutch Market

Uniquely casual, yet with a touch of contemporary Europe, this direction is reminiscent of a ‘branding label’ – one that a customer would see on the streets of Amsterdam in the open markets.

The label includes a tagline, ‘genuine food’, make it clear to the customer that the Dutch Market’s food is real and wholesome, and fit for a healthy lifestyle.

Mannai Corporation

A diverse and multifaceted industry in his sector, and to commemorate this successful year we decided to present a innovative annual report.